An underlying growth in trade in the Myanmar economy is driving an increase in shipping and correlated need for increased efficiency and capacity of ports, marine and industrial structures in Yangon and Costal Regions.

At KTECG, we understand that trade drives port development, and that key success factors for a port development focus on the ability to operate cost eciently, safely, and reliably.

Ports also need to operate sustainably in a community, within a sensitive nearshore environment, and align with government and regional development agendas.

KTECG has over 20 years of experience delivering port projects across the full project lifecycle for port users, operators and authorities, miners and oil companies, as well as contractors and funders/donors.

For any requirement inside the port gate, from policy and strategy, planning and approvals, projects, design, construction, operations, and maintenance, through to closure, KTECG provides a fully integrated service across the following sectors:

  • Ports and harbors design, including lay-outing, breakwaters, navigation assessments, and wave penetration studies
  • Dry bulk terminals, including as part of a mine development, rail and port bulk transport solutions
  • Oil and gas terminals
  • Container terminals and dry port/intermodal terminals
  • Multi-purpose terminals
  • Transshipment facilities
  • Ferry terminals
  • Coastal management/protection
  • Small craft facilities and waterfront developments

Our expertise in marine infrastructure includes dredging, reclamation, breakwaters, groynes, and revetments, wharves, quays and jetties, as well as cargo handling facilities and cargo storage facilities. Our teams are also focused on the coastal and marine environment, including winds, waves, currents, and sediment transport, an understanding of which is a critical ingredient in providing an ecient and reliable marine facility.

Our understanding of specialised skills in the design of seaboard bulk materials handling facilities and exposed near shore facilities, and wharf/ship loader combinations, sets KTECG apart from its competitors.

Our environmental assessment and monitoring of dredging skills are well honed, given our experience undertaking environmental assessments and compliance monitoring .


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