Snake Anti-Venom Production Center

Project Title        :           Snake Anti-Venom Production Centre


Project Location :          BPI (Yangon)

Client                     :          Ministry of Industry

Snake Anti-venom (SAV) Production Centre

Myanmar Pharmaceutical and Foodstuff Industry

Snake Anti-venom (SAV) production centre is the first GMP-compliant pharmaceutical production facility in Myanmar. It has many unique features and milestones;

  1. Building Philosophy: Integration of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) solution, Engineering solution, Quality solution, and Production plan.
  2. The World Health Organization (WHO) and PIC/S GMP guidelines related to the premises and relevant quality assurance principles are factored into the building engineering solution.
  3. A comprehensive Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system integrated with a building management system (BMS) was installed in accordance with GMP guidelines.
  4. Clean rooms for production areas are constructed with dedicated clean room panels.
  5. Modern concepts in pharmaceutical production, such as smooth flows, adjacency, zonal segregation, hub concepts, are adopted into the design and layout.

This 192’ x 105’ floor area facility is situated in the BPI compound of the Myanmar Pharmaceutical and Foodstuff Industry, Yangon. Snake Anti-venom is produced from hyper-immune horse plasma. Immunoglobulins are extracted, purified and formulated in this facility as liquid-filled ampoules and freeze-dried powder. The facility has different major zones; (1) GMP clean zone (Grade A, B, and C), (2) support rooms for clean room operations, (C) engineering area, (D) utilities area. Environmental conditions such as temperature, relative humidity, and differential air-pressure are controlled for different rooms in accordance with EN ISO 14644 as recommended by the GMP guides.

This Form-and-Function fully integrated facility is built as the first GMP-compliant pharmaceutical production facility in Myanmar, in response to the urgent national requirement of high-quality snake anti-venoms.


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