Electrical & BMS System for pharmaceutical factory


Snake Anti-Venom Production Building (SAV) is owned by Myanmar Pharmaceutical Factory. Kyaw Thar Engineering and Construction Group build the building and its facility according to WHO GMP guide lines, ISPE guide lines and Good Engineering Practice.

The SAV building equipped with ISPE class A, B, C Clean Rooms, Labs and Ultra Purified Water System such as WFI, PSG, PUW system. Pharmaceutical grade Epoxy Self Levelling Floors, Aluminium Honey Combed Flush walls, ceiling and lighting system are installed in production area. IEC standard Electrical Panels and Energy Saving VSD are the key components of building Safey, Quality Power Distribution and Energy Saving System. To manage the whole HVAC and pressurized room weather, dedicated BMS system in installed.

BMS system monitored and controlled whole HVAC system, and controlled to maintain Production Building rooms weather to comply ISPE guide line requirements. SAV BMS system managed 3 Nos. of Chillers, 3 Nos. of Chilled Water Pumps, 6 Nos. of AHUs, 1 No. of Mark-up Air Handling Unit, 64 Nos. of VAV system and pressure control dampers. In addition electrical power and energy data of HVAC equipment, 29 Nos. of VSD Drives, MSB and MCC Panels are real-time and historically monitored for building energy trends and performance measurement.

Day to day operation to energy policy planning can be easily done with a few clicks in the BMS system. All recorded HVAC, electrical data can be exported as common used industry file format to the 3rd party system for more analysis.

In addition, SAV-BMS reserved for future extensions and the interface protocols are open widely for other 3rd party system as well as future and backward compatibility standards.


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